Kemal Nuraydın has worked as the Executive Editor of National Geographic Magazine Turkish Edition for 10 years from 2001 to 2011. He is already contributing the Turkish and other editions of National Geographic as a photographer. He has a degree on Law from Marmara University. His professional photography career started in 1993 when he started to work as a staff photographer for Atlas, the first Travel and Geography Magazine of Turkey. He also started a highly prized photography page in the magazine sharing his personal experiences with the readers. He was offered to be the Editor of Atlas Tatil Magazine in 1997 and he has worked as an editor for several magazines since then. Kemal is the founding partner of Istanbul Photo Workshops.

His photographs and articles appeared in many International magazines and newspapers in Japan, Germany, USA, Greece, Israel, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Sweden, UK and Turkey including some local editions of National Geographic Magazine, Geo, Cosmopolitan, Readers’ Digest, Die Zeit and Atlas Magazine.

Although his main role in National Geographic was visual including layout, design and photography he was also responsible from local material and all kind of supplements as Project Coordinator. Among many editorial supplements he has prepared for National Geographic Turkey the most important ones are: Illustrated Istanbul City Maps Series consisting of 5 maps, illustrated maps of Lycian Way (the first long-distance trekking route in Turkey) and GAP Region (Southeastern Turkey).

Kemal was the editor of the National Geographic's Interactive Photography School in Turkish consisting of 4 CD's, A Digital Photography School consisting of 2 CD's and many other supplements about photography. Kemal Nuraydın is also doing private and group photography tours in Turkey and around the World in a cooperation with several travel agencies.

Kemal is an Istanbul based photojournalist and a licensed professional tour guide; speaks Turkish, English and Arabic fluently with some Italian, Russian and Spanish.


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