July 8-15, 2012

Instructor: David Bathgate 
Don’t Just Document - Interpret What You See!

There’s a world of difference between “snapshots” and well-crafted “Photographs.”  Same as there are many layers between a visual document and a personal photographic expression of what lies before the lens.  The first is literal, the second a rich orchestration of all that the photographer IS.  The difference is aesthetic, frequently powerful and oftentimes profound.

Designed to emphasize the unique storytelling makeup of individual participants, this workshop is an exciting blend of example and lively discussion, keynoted by photographic forays onto the Hight Streets and into the traditional neighborhoods of one of the most culturally eclectic and vibrant cities in the world.

Come with minimalist equipment.  Istanbul is a crowded and hilly metropolis.  Comfort and ease of movement are assets to successful photo-making here.  Bring your laptop and a portfolio of personal best.  A critique session will place us underway - a comprehensive look at results will lie at workshop’s end.  Between you’ll begin to discover the YOU, behind the story told.

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September 16-23, 2012


Instructors: Tomasz Tomaszewski and Kent Kobersteen

A Week of Creativity With Tomasz Tomaszewski and Kent Kobersteen

This workshop is for advanced photographers who want to take their editorial or personal work to the next level.  National Geographic photographer Tomasz Tomaszewski, and former National Geographic picture editor and director of photography Kent Kobersteen, will challenge the students to produce their very best work on  subjects about which they feel strongly.

The workshop will stress finding and researching story subjects, photographing people in an intimate fashion, making photographs that communicate emotionally as well as editorially, and using aesthetics in a sophisticated manner.  Workshop participants will be encouraged to take professional risks, and will be  expected to produce top quality work worthy of major publications, books or galleries.  Photographers should come prepared to find and research a topic, and produce a complete and edited story during the week.Kent and Tomasz will openly share the techniques and approaches photographers use in the field to create work for National Geographic Magazine and other major international publications. They will also discuss business aspects of  photography, such as creating a strong portfolio, approaching editors and getting assignments, finding the right agency, developing a lasting relationship with a publication, and photography in the electronic media.Throughout the week editing and reducing a large body of work to the strongest presentation will be stressed. In individual meetings with the students the instructors will give advice on portfolios and career aspirations.Tomaszewski and Kobersteen have collaborated as photographer and director of photography on many National  Geographic stories, and will use this professional relationship to give the students a varied and realistic  perspective on the business of editorial photography and on their individual photographic work.Students MUST be prepared for long hours of shooting, editing, critiquing and interacting with one another  and with the instructors.  This is not a Photoshop or technical workshop.  Students must be proficient in  these areas as they will not be addressed in the workshop.  Although this workshop is not exclusively for professional photographers, students must be experienced, and of a professional level.

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November 4-11, 2012

Instructor: Maggie Steber
Telling your story in the changing World of Photography

The strange and beautiful thing about photography is that people let you into their lives. We walk in and ask people to be vulnerable before us, very quickly, and hope that somehow we make a connection and win a trust…all for a picture. We photographers are inspired by our subjects. It is they who remind us of the universal kinship we all share. As a photographer, I am changed by the experience of meeting people, getting to know them, forming a kind of collaboration with the subject that allows them greater voice. In fact, the experience of taking a photograph really becomes the treasure and the photograph is the evidence of it, a moment when someone opened up to show the world what’s inside.

Today we have print venues with magazines, newspapers and books although opportunities there are shrinking. There is also the gallery wall.  The internet has opened countless possibilities for space and venues. But telling stories for the internet requires some of the same story-telling techniques and widens the possibilities for our photographic approach. Multi-media is the future, some say, but just putting photographs to audio does not necessarily make a good story. Nothing is better than a well-told, well-thought-out approach. That’s what our workshop is about and you will have to find a story or theme to work on and we will critique the work daily and also look at work by many other photographers in various arenas. It doesn’t matter if you are photographing an idea, or taking an artful approach, or a more traditional documentary approach. We can all be better messengers.

In this course, we will learn how to approach people, how to organize story ideas, how to pitch the stories.  We will learn to make better pictures and to tell stories for web-based sites as well print. If you have been working on a long term project, this is an excellent ch oice for you as Maggie will help edit and sequence the work as she has during workshops at International Center of Photography in New York City and at the Foundry Workshop in Istanbul. You will leave a better, more thoughtful, more exciting photographer than when you walked in.

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